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5 steps to rodent management

By Dr. Stuart Mitchell


The rodent pest management (RPM), or integrated pest management (IPM), template is based upon pest management science and underwrites all successful pest management endeavors. Below is the RPM template in five steps, which — for the pest management professional (PMP) — mechanically defines its use.

The RPM template:

  1. Inspect
  2. Identify
  3. Establish threshold levels (aesthetic, economic, medical and legal)
  4. Implement two or more control measures (behavioral,* physical, mechanical, biological, biorational and chemical)
  5. Evaluate effectiveness

The RPM template also can be expressed in a mathematical sense. It all adds up.

Account type + pests – restrictions = control measures

*Behaviors that are counter-productive to a pest management program are perpetually transmitted to others, unless modified.

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