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Keep the dust off your glueboards

By Dr. Stuart Mitchell

A fine, dry powder consisting of minuscule particles of earth and/or waste matter lies on the ground and is carried in the air. That same fine dry powder builds up inside of buildings on surfaces that have not recently been cleaned. No matter how you define it, dust is everywhere—possibly even on the surfaces of your glue boards.

The physics of dust

Dust particles can be 1 to 1000 ┬Ám in size (micrometer or micron is one millionth of a meter). If one throws a little Brownian motion or physics into the mix, various types of dusts can be everywhere. Brownian motion or pedesis (Greek meaning "leaping") is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid (liquid or gas-air) resulting from collisions with the quick atoms or molecules in the liquid or gas-air.

If particles subject to Brownian motion are present in a given medium and there is no preferred direction for random oscillations, then over a period of time, the particles will tend to be spread evenly throughout the medium. For example, if A and B are two adjacent spaces and, at the time or t, A contains twice as many particles as B, then at that instant the probability of a particle leaving A to enter B is twice as great as the probability that a particle will leave B to enter A. The physical process in which a substance tends to spread steadily from spaces of high concentration to spaces of low concentration is diffusion.

External factors that affect the molecules in a liquid or gas-air include:

  • Radiation.
  • Heat.
  • Temperature.
  • Gas-Air or Fluid Pressure & Density.
  • Light.
  • Color.
  • Sound.
  • Electrical Field.
  • Magnetism.
  • Acidity or Alkalinity (pH).

How to keep the dust off

The exclusive and reliable TRAPPER Tunnel keeps the dust off your glue boards with professional and sanitary cover to prolong the essential effectiveness of TRAPPER Glue Boards. Additionally, the TRAPPER Tunnel hides captured rodents within sensitive areas. Tunnels are made of sturdy white plastic or cardboard (sold separately).

Unrivaled in quality, TRAPPER Glue Boards provide optimum capture of mice and rats. TRAPPER Glue Boards perfectly serve IPM protocols of monitoring and census for trends analyses. For use in hospitals and clinics, veterinary hospitals and clinics, zoos, food plants, warehouses, restaurants, residences and many other sensitive areas.

TRAPPER Glue Boards are engineered and manufactured with low-profile plastic trays, designed to reduce the chance of rodents stopping at the edge of the tray. The trap's narrow lip keeps rodents from skirting along the edges of the tray, avoiding the glue. As a rodent contacts the glue tray, TRAPPER's tenacious glue holds securely. TRAPPER's translucent plastic tray blends with the environment for a professional appearance.

TRAPPER Glue Boards are available in mouse and rat sizes. TRAPPER comes in a bulk size containing 96 glue boards for mice and 48 for rats.

For best results, place TRAPPER Glue Boards directly in the rodent's runway between its nest and food supply. For mice, deploy glue boards every 8 to 12 feet or 2.4 to 3.6 m. For rats, deploy glue boards every 15 to 30 feet or 4.5 to 9 m.

For large jobs, save valuable time with the TRAPPER PRO Pac, which contains 12 glue boards. Boards simply slide out of the Professional Dispenser Pack (no packaging to remove). For easy storage and transport, the Pack features an "easy-carry" handle with a re-sealable end. On the job, disposal of used boards is simple; just slide them back into the Pack and dispose when convenient.

For more information on quality Bell Products, go to www.belllabs.com.

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