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You’re licensed and insured—but do your clients know that?

By JOHN CULOTTA John Culotta

For more than 40 years, the National Pest Management Association has been commemorating National Pest Management Month (NPMM) in April. During the month-long campaign, timed to coincide with the re-emergence of pests in many parts of the country, pest management companies and other organizations remind homeowners that preventive maintenance fights infestations.

NPMM also serves as a timely reminder of the important, protective role professional pest management plays in our society.

Selling points of certifications

The key idea is “professional.” Using licensed or certified pest management applicators is beneficial to the clients you serve, which is something you can highlight in marketing and advertising. Clients who have never had to call for professional pest treatment before might be pleased to know that operators are required by law to pass exams that would qualify them as a licensed pest management professional (PMP). Those who may be concerned about the effects of insecticides may be heartened when you offer to provide evidence of your competence using certain chemicals.

If you are participating in continuing education, you might consider using social media to tell potential customers about it. You know this education is something you need to maintain your licensure or certification status. However, prospects and customers will appreciate hearing you are pursuing ongoing training to stay educated on emerging pest problems, alternative treatments and new regulations.

Insurance goes a long way

Of course, professional PMPs not only have an imperative to be licensed, but also to be insured. The benefits of insurance to you or your business are obvious: protection in the event of an accident or act of real or alleged negligence. But the benefits to clients should be equally as obvious. For example, when working with an insured operator, they have recourse in the event of a treatment gone wrong.

In many states, it is illegal for someone to perform commercial pest management services if they are unlicensed or do not work for a licensed company. For that reason, the benefits of licensure or certification for PMPs are clear: staying on the right side of the law. But there is a greater benefit to a client’s or prospect’s peace of mind. Consumers are warned to work only with licensed operators and may feel safer working with someone they know has met statewide standards.

Being uninsured can be as detrimental as being uncredentialed and may raise suspicions among potential clients. Though you may be good at your job and able to operate without insurance for some time, you will find insurance protects the longevity of your career or your business against claims. As you know, when things go wrong with chemicals and pests, things can go very wrong.

Qualified, licensed and insured PMPs are able to prevent and treat pest problems while minimizing harm to a homeowner’s or business’s property, pets, health and wallet. Do your potential clients know that? Take NPMM as a timely reminder—spread the word about the benefits of professional pest management.

John Culotta is Program Manager of PCOpro, the pest control operator program at Brownyard Group, a leading administrator providing specialized insurance coverage for select industry groups. He can be reached at jculotta@brownyard.com or by calling 800-645-5820, ext. 122.

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