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Insulating your company against a down economy

Whether it’s the economy, keeping employees busy during the off-season, or customers demanding greener solutions, Pest management Professionals (PMPs) are looking for new ways to increase revenue. Many have found an answer in a place not considered to be a traditional pest management solution: insulation.

This isn’t just any ordinary insulation. T·A·P (Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control) Insulation is a specialized, blown-in insulation that is an EPA registered pesticide that is installed on top of existing attic insulation. T·A·P can be applied directly over existing attic insulation to upgrade the thermal performance of the whole building, while providing an innovative and effective form of preventative pest management. Simply put, TAP insulates and kills household pests that may enter the attic.

T·A·P’s programs offer great revenue opportunities for PMPs, especially in the off-season, notes Scott Fortson, vice president of operations for Terminix Service Inc. The company, based in Columbia, S.C., added T·A·P services to its offering about three years ago.

“The termite work had been slow in this economy for us, so we were looking for add-on services,” Fortson says. “The pest control aspect of T·A·P was a great fit. It’s great in the winter months, when the pest control business naturally slows.”

In addition, the solution provides companies with another tool for their sustainable tool kits.

“We’d often remove attic insulation as part of our wildlife services, and we’d often find animal droppings, so installing T·A·P insulation was a natural fit,” says Steve Phillips, president of Marietta, Ga.-based Northwest Exterminating. “It’s a very green pest control product, and it fit in perfectly with what we want to offer our customers.”

Northwest Exterminating classifies itself as a green company, but just saying you’re green and actually being green are two different things, Phillips points out.

“We love that 87 percent of T·A·P insulation is from recycled newspapers,” he says. “It fits in with what we believe in as a company.”

Gross profit margins for adding T·A·P average 70 percent, and can generate about $2,000 or more in revenue per job. Removal and replacement margins are even better. Installing T·A·P does require some specialized knowledge and blowing equipment, but the company offers an online video training library that covers all aspects of the programs, as well as a host of sales and marketing literature. And T·A·P personnel are available on location to train employees in sales and installation.

“Once we took off, we’ve been off and running ever since,” Fortson says. “The pest control aspect of T·A·P was a great fit. It’s been a huge help for us with the economy. It’s been a breath of fresh air, and it’s definitely helped our growth.”

Phillips agrees. “Once you get a buy-in from your people, they install it easily and correctly, and the customers are very happy,” he says.

For more information about T·A·P and to see customer videos, call Pest Control Insulation Services at 866-284-7247, email info@tapinsulation.com or visit www.TAPinsulation.com.

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