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BaitSafe: The next generation bait station

P+L Systems is proud to announce the launch of BaitSafe™, the latest innovative product brought to you by P+L Systems’ leading professional pest control brands.

Described as "the most revolutionary change to bait station design in 20 years," BaitSafe™ offers pest controllers a HACCP certified alternative to conventional methods of surface baiting, targeting rats, mice, roaches, scorpions, bed bugs, stored product pests, odor control and many more.

How is BaitSafe™ different from traditional bait stations?

BaitSafe™ can be installed into walls, ceilings, flat roofed areas, eaves and floors, allowing pest controllers to place bait directly into areas where pests live and breed. In contrast to traditional bait stations, BaitSafe™ is not exposed to the public therefore eliminating the risk of children or pets coming into contact with poisonous bait. Thanks to the unique design, BaitSafe™ is the first product on the market to offer such a discreet solution.

How does BaitSafe™ work?

BaitSafe™ is quick and easy to install, thanks to the installation guide that is printed on the packaging. Start by drilling a 3 ½” diameter hole in the wall or ceiling where baiting is required, place the product into the hole and pull out the tabs to lock it into place before securing with screws. Then simply load up the bait spike with your desired bait and install into the device before locking it using the key. Once installed, pests living in the walls or ceilings have easy access to the bait without coming into contact with humans.

Simple and safe maintenance

Once installed, BaitSafe™ is very easy to monitor, with service times typically around 30 seconds. Using the key pest controllers can quickly access the bait, check for evidence of pests and replenish the bait supply, odor block or glueboard strips if needed.Unlike conventional baiting methods, no ladder is required to monitor BaitSafe™ units that are installed in ceilings, instead pest controllers can screw a standard extension or paint pole into the key to open the unit from floor level, therefore reducing service time, simplifying the maintenance process and removing ‘working at height’ issues.

BaitSafe™ offers a unique solution to the issues faced by pest controllers on a daily basis, tackling both crawling insect and rodent problems at their source.

To find out more about BaitSafe™, call toll free on (877) 928-2847, email info@pandlsystems.com or follow us on Twitter @BaitSafeAmerica.

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