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Insulating the bottom line

By Dan Jacobs

After exploring several options for adding a new revenue stream, management at Admiral Pest Control settled on T•A•P Pest Control Insulation.

Brian Jones was looking for a way to bring a little more revenue into the company coffers. Many other pest management companies have added Christmas lighting or gutter cleaning, but those just didn't seem like good fits, says Jones, president of Bellflower, Calif.-based Admiral Pest Control Inc.

Jones found his inspiration from his customers. Those customers often asked if the company offered insulation services in addition to the pest management. Jones looked into it and decided it just made sense for his company.

"That's what kind of got us into it," Jones says. "We do a lot of yearly controls. We're already in a lot of people's attics every day."

Many older homes have no or too little insulation. Admiral Pest Control talked with T•A•P Insulation, bought the equipment and started offering green insulation for new and existing homes and buildings. The insulation is made from a recycled paper that incorporates a borate-based pest control. The product controls pests such as ants, termites and cockroaches at the same time it offers thermal insulation.

"It's worked better than I expected," Jones says. "Everyone we've done comments their house is quieter. The pest protection is really a plus. Most of the houses we go to are under insulated or don't have anything. This is like laying a thermal blanket across the attic."

According to the T•A•P Insulation website, the product "is an innovative, preventative approach to pest management, and the borate-based pesticide coupled with all of the green aspects of cellulose insulation provides a unique answer for the demands of the modern homeowner. As an EPA labeled pesticide, only those licensed to apply pesticides can apply T•A•P. Additionally, offering T·A·P is a great way to keep technicians busy in the off-season."

What makes this product such a good addition for Admiral Pest Control is that it did not require the company to hire additional people, just an investment in the equipment. Jones also added a box truck and some signage to the mix, but that's certainly not required, he says.

In addition to the equipment, T•A•P Insulation provided training. The company sent a trainer out to spend the day with a team at Admiral Pest Control. Initially Admiral Pest Control had about 10 employees trained on the product, and that included installers and those selling the product.

"The people from T•A•P are very easy to work with," Jones says. "They want to make sure you're trained right. They work really hard to make sure you know what you're getting into."

And it's worked well for Admiral Pest Control, even though it's only been a few months. The company only started installing the pest fighting insulation in October 2013.

"It's a very profitable thing for us to do," Jones says. "We didn't have to hire anybody. We're using the people we have here. It's worked out really well. Our guys are really excited about it. Now, that we're hearing how well it works. You realize you're selling something."

For more information about T•A•P and to see customer videos, call Pest Control Insulation at 866-284-7247, email support@TAPinsulation.com or visit www.TAPinsulation.com.

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