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Integrative Strategies to Defeat Cockroaches
When German cockroaches develop resistance, try a product rotation


Cockroaches can survive in almost any human domicile or structure, including homes, apartments, offices, clinics, hospitals, drug; food; and meat plants, and many others. In particular, German cockroaches quite effectively exploit conditions associated with heavily populated and impoverished areas.

Structural and environmental hygiene deficits such as delayed maintenance issues, clutter, and general filth perpetuate large and sustained populations of cockroaches. Where such cockroach populations exist, putting into practice aggressive integrated pest management (IPM) systems is essential.

Due to a high rate of reproduction, short life cycle, and efficient mobility, German cockroaches can develop resistance both frequently and rapidly. Such strategies include product rotation or the use of different insecticidal modes of action (MOA).

  • Physiological resistance: The most common type of insecticide resistance as the insecticide might be degraded or unable to manipulate the target site within the insect.
  • Behavioral resistance: Resistant individuals either avoid an insecticide treated surface (not present on the treated surface long enough to receive a lethal insecticide dose) or bait formulation aversion (not a learned behavior; an innate behavior).
  • Cross-resistance: Different insecticidal active ingredients share the same mode of action. Resistance to one active ingredient can reult in cross-resistance to similar modes-of-action.

Integrative strategies must include elimination of both potential and existing cockroach refuges (cracks and crevices, voids, and clutter) and three-dimensional movements across common structural areas. Resource cleaning can reduce or eliminate essential water and food sources.

Inspection and documentation based insecticide applications must be judiciously applied to cockroach refuges within cracks, crevices, and voids. Applications must minimize potential exposure to people and pets.

By combining insecticide mode of action rotation with other integrative strategies, pest management professionals successfully defeat cockroach populations.

Insecticide rotation upon each generation as well as using a third insecticide can be a best practices strategy to prevent high-level resistance to any one mode of action.

Zoecon Professional Products offers several professional products featuring different modes of action.

  • Etofenprox is a very effective, low toxicity pyrethroid that acts on the nervous system of insects by disrupting neuron sodium channels. Etofenprox is a contact-kill adulticide used to control a wide variety of insects.
  • Pyrethrins are a mix of three naturally occurring closely related insecticidal compounds extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethrins disrupt sodium channels in the neurons of insects causing knockdown and death.
  • Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) is a synergist. PBO inhibits mixed function oxidase enzymes (MFO) of the insect so that its natural detoxification system is blocked and the efficacy of applied insecticides is increased. PBO is used to synergize sodium channel modulators such as pyrethrum and pyrethroids.
  • Hydroprene is an insect growth regulator (juvenile hormone mimic). Rather than killing insects, it controls by interfering with normal hormone levels within the insect at critical development periods preventing growth and/or maturation. Hydroprene is active by contact or ingestion, and in cockroaches affects eggs or female fecundity.

For additional detailed information go to www.zoecon.com. The site features detailed product information and pest control tips along with the latest company news and promotions. Be sure to visit us at PestWorld in Nashville Booth 215.

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