Join Forces with Rollins and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Rollins, Inc. provides essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects to more than 2 million customers through its subsidiaries, including pest control company Orkin. Through top-notch training, new technologies and excellent customer service, the company has grown the business over more than a century from a one-man operation to what it is today. As the company moves forward, it is constantly challenged to continue growing the business. One of the ways Rollins does this is by acquiring reputable pest control companies throughout the U.S.

What is Rollins looking for when it considers an acquisition?

The ideal acquisition candidate will bring additional success to Rollins. This includes companies that have a good reputation, provide quality service to their customers, are involved in their community and have been established as a pest control company for several years. Companies with tenured, well-trained employees are extremely important.

“Each company we acquire brings strengths to the table,” said Matt Whiting, director of acquisitions for Rollins. “We learn a lot from the companies we purchase and they share in the market-leading practices that we have developed over the years.”

Rollins allows companies to participate in growing the industry leader.

For sellers, Rollins provides many opportunities for them and their employees to continue to prosper and grow in the pest control industry. For those sellers who want to stay involved, Rollins has a lot of opportunities available at various levels. Four of Rollins’ current division presidents have come to the company through acquisitions. Also, numerous region and branch level personnel have greater opportunities with Rollins. The company has a proven track record for retaining business owners and placing them in key leadership positions – more than any other pest control company in the industry.

“Rollins believes that the key assets in an acquisition are the employees,” said Whiting. “If employees are taken care of, they will take care of the customers. We take care of the employees, who will then continue to make the customers happy long after the transaction is over.”

In every acquisition, Rollins’ main focus is on the employees, the customers and the seller. Rollins provides favorable options for employees, including a generous benefits package. The company listens to what the seller wants and provides them with options to achieve that, whether it is staying at Rollins to help us grow or moving on to new endeavors.

Rollins’ financial strength provides opportunity to invest in both the seller and the employees

All acquired employees receive a generous benefits package which includes 401k, health insurance and life insurance. Employees will have access to resources, including new company vehicles for positions that require a company vehicle, new uniforms and technology infrastructure, to help each employee succeed at their job.

“The bulk of Rollins’ transactions are cash at close,” said Whiting. “Other companies offer notes when you sell your business and pay you back in three to five years. You may earn interest from that, but you don’t get your money up front and it isn’t guaranteed, especially if something happens to the buyer.”

Rollins also invests in training for all of its employees. The company’s award-winning training program has been recognized by Training Magazine every year since 2002. It includes a model restaurant, commercial kitchen, hospital room, hotel room, supermarket, warehouse space and a full-sized, fully functional house for applied learning of pest and termite control methods. Cut-away walls and examples of common building practices provide commercial and residential trainees with first-hand knowledge of what to expect when servicing customers across the country.

A merger with Rollins offers many benefits to the seller and the seller’s employees. Contact Rollins’ Director of Acquisitions Matt Whiting to learn more about being acquired by Rollins. He can be reached at (404) 888-2757.

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